Returning to School

I wrote an article for the ABC about this time three years ago, it was about Isaac starting school.  He was my first to go to school and the first child with Type 1 Diabetes starting at his school in over 15 years! The article entails all my thoughts and anxieties, plans and actions, and all that was involved with Isaac starting school (link below).  Three years on and starting to get ready for this year of school, I thought it was apt to write my first blog about him starting school this year.  Although managing Type 1 Diabetes has not become any easier, he’s three years older, more confident, more capable and a little bolder with it all, I feel so much better about him starting this year compared to his first year.

Saying that, I still have anxieties, I will always worry about people not understanding the severity of the disease and all that comes with it. I will always worry about Isaac having a severe hypoglycaemic event (low blood sugar) and not be with people who understand, or, worse still, by himself and not have the capabilities to help himself.  I am, and will always be no matter his age, a parent of a child with Type 1 Diabetes.

Three years on from when Isaac began his school journey, we have numerous members of staff who have a huge understanding as to what it takes to look after a child with Type 1 Diabetes; some of his previous teachers, his aide, and others who have worked in the classroom next to Isaac’s class and have been involve in his care.  Three years on I’m feeling more at ease.  Even though he is in a different section of the school, with a different ‘batch’ of teachers, his aide will remain with him and his beautiful little friends, who have been on this journey for these three years of school, always keep a keen eye out for him and his ‘numbers’.

Before the school year starts, we, his mum and dad, will go in and hold a short education session for the four teachers who will be taking grades 3 & 4. We will also hold an education session for all staff at the school- this is so, new and old, staff are familiar with Isaac and his needs (There are monthly sessions in Melbourne, and other towns around Victoria, run by Diabetes Australia for teachers to attend, two from Isaac’s school attend each year).


When T1 went to school article: