Packing for the First Day of School

Only two more sleeps until all my munchkins start school for the year. My two youngest are packed and ready- art smock, library bag…Done!  Now to start packing Isaac’s bag (or bags).

People don’t always understand what Type 1 Diabetes entails.  They don’t understand how much preparation goes into day to day life.  Sometimes Type 1 parents are seen as over the top, over protective, over cautious.  I say, none of this is over the top; it’s being prepared for all that Type 1 throws at you. It’s making sure my son has everything he needs to get through the school day without too much intrusion into his school learning.  To have everything he needs to come home safe from school every day.

 Hypo lollies

Juice boxes

Three lock down kits

Spares kit

Action Plan


I start with packing hypo jelly lollies into separate bags and then into his hypo container.  I pack the right amount of lollies needed to treat a hypo in individual bags so he can grab and go and knows he has enough with him to treat a hypo.  A six pack of juice boxes to keep in his classroom for hypo treatment also.  He prefers to have juice as it’s quick to drink down and works relatively fast but he also likes to have jelly lollies as they’re small and easy to carry (and something different if he was to have a couple of hypos in one day). The lock down kits are packed and labelled, ready to be put into his specialty classrooms tomorrow. 

Then there’s the spares kit- for this kit I have always used an ice cream container, labelled clearly as it sits in the medical cupboard in the office (This kit is taken with them if they are to go anywhere outside the school premises). There are numerous batteries, meters, blood glucose test strips – two brands just in case his BG meter which works with his pump decides not to work – ketone strips, reservoirs, cannulas, hypo treatment, long acting carbohydrate and the list goes on!

Isaac’s School Action Plans all filled in and now just needs to be signed by a school representative, his photo placed on it, laminated and then positioned strategically around the school. His briefcase is ready to go with, guess what? More hypo treatment!