Sugar Rush

School pick up time, the kids are late out of class and we’re running late for our dash to town for swimming lessons. Halfway there Isaac pipes up…

‘I have no insulin left’

My head goes into a spin, ‘Okay, when did you run out of insulin?’

‘Just at the end of lunch (an hour ago) and I still have insulin on board’.

Thinking on my feet whilst trying to drive quickly and responsibly to swimming, I decided not to go home and continue to swimming. His BG was in range and we’ll be home within an hour for a new line. Breathe and continue.

We arrive home, I throw everyone in the shower, and I set up a new reservoir and line. Once everyone’s showered and dressed I insert the new line and get him to test his BG. He’s a little higher than we like but not an issue, so he corrects and starts his dinner bolus.

Isaac has always loved ‘Operation Ouch’ and being Mental Health Day today, they had a special on tonight. Isaac had it scheduled to be recorded but we remembered it was on and I thought it would be good to sit down as a family and give it a watch. They were talking about many things to do with mental health and how to obtain help. One comment was about stress – to paraphrase- When you are trying to do your homework, that is due tomorrow, and you’re concerned you won’t get it done and your mobile phone keeps beeping at you… Isaac turns to me and says ‘Or my pump keeps beeping at me!’, my instant thought was the pump has been beeping at him all day today, reminding him he has a low reservoir but he chose to ignore and continue life as if he didn’t have Type 1 Diabetes.

I understand that he wants to take no notice of it and pretend all is good. I also understand that he only ran out of insulin an hour prior and wasn’t in huge danger but I also reminded him that he should have told his teacher so the message could be passed on. I told him he was okay this time but he needs to make sure he tells us if he was to run out of insulin.