Life wasn't meant to be easy

Isaac was at a birthday party this afternoon so I decided I’d give the other kids their favourite food –pasta! They’re at me almost every night for pasta. We do have bolognese with pasta but Isaac usually decides to eat potato with it instead, as potato doesn’t give us the headache that pasta does. He decides on what he would prefer to eat, and it’s usually not the pasta, but sometimes he’ll sneak a few pieces to get his pasta fix.

As I served out dinner I thought how easy it was not to have to weigh things out and count carbs. Then I think about what I had to do prior to him going to the party. His blood glucose was sky high as he was excited, gave half a correction as I know that the activity will bring him down, as well as the adrenaline wearing off.

After their activity, before dinner, I asked them to send me a text with what he was having for dinner so I could look it up and message them back with carbs. It’s high fat and high carb, I realise that, it’s as bad as, or worse than, him having pasta but add in all the activity and it will help keep him away from his delayed hypo… I hope!

Following his activity he had dropped down to a lower level, not low but close to, and travelling along nicely. Let’s see how the night turns out. Here I was thinking how ‘easy’ it was dishing out dinner without him around but, life wasn’t meant to be easy.