At 6:20am, this morning, I hear Isaac yell out...

“Mum, my line came off?”


“I don’t know!”

“Okay, what are you?”


Insert eye roll and a few swear words here. Now we’re going to have to deal with highs for most of the morning, I’m over having to deal with things like this. It’s not his fault, I know. After a few minutes I get up and he’s in the kitchen drinking a hot chocolate. Insert another eye roll.

“How much have you had? Have you eaten anything else?”

“Just this little bit, nothing else.”

I hear his pump beep. Great - I thought- he has suspended his pump! Thumbs up! I grab his pump and notice it’s not suspended, the line is still attached and it’s calibrating…. Hmmm. It says ‘6.3’ and he has a few units of insulin on board. I look at him and he has a massive (cheeky) smile on his face.

“My line is still on. I wanted to get you out of bed, Mum!” That he did!! I’m always pulling pranks on the kids but this morning, Isaac got me a good one!