I guess my post today is more of an ongoing gripe than anything, but here goes.

We all have a whinge now and then, I completely understand that, but, I tell you what, if you whinge about something -do something about it!  For those who have complained about certain issues- have you ever done anything to help the situation?  Have you written letters to companies?  Have you contacted the media?  Have you put in a complaint about misleading information?  Have you met up with your Local MP?  Federal MP?

Do you fundraise to help fund a cure?  Do you donate to those who research this cure?  Have you been to any kind of fundraiser? 

What have you achieved, if you haven’t done anything but complain? 

Change your perspective! Put your energy into something with substance!  Write letters.  Email companies.  Talk to the media.  Contact Ministers.  SHOUT OUT LOUD!  Raise funds.  Donate, but, please, don’t just sit and complain!