Blessing or Curse

Some people call their Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis a gift, a blessing.  Others call it a curse, a nightmare.  Me, on the scale of blessing to curse, I’d be closer to curse.  The Type 1 community loves to pose the question – What do you find positive about your Type 1 diagnosis?  I find we have a number of positives but these positives come from struggle.  Isaac’s diagnosis has given us plenty of opportunities.  Opportunities which may not have arisen without his diagnosis but I am pretty certain other opportunities would have come our way.

Friends, now, my Type 1 mum friends are definitely worth celebrating, and for those who know us, that we do!  Social media has made life more bearable for all of us as there is always someone on line you can shoot a question to or vent. Knowing I can pick up the phone at any hour and call, text or private message is most certainly a blessing.

Having my son diagnosed with Type 1 has taught me many things.  Our family life and each of our children’s lives are different because of it. I feel the kids have more empathy and understanding but I also feel they have more frustration and needs because of it too.

The other thing I’m starting to detest is the adjective ‘strong’.  I believe it’s a word with no meaning when it comes to describing someone in a continual state of fight or flight.  People who have children with a chronic illness, be it Type 1 or not, are often referred to as strong.  We fight, we fall down, we struggle, we succeed, we fail, we continue, we wake up and get up, we cry, we scream, we laugh, we love.  Strong is not the word I would use.  I think people say this word because they’re not exactly sure of what to say.

We all have our struggles, your struggles may not be the same as mine and mine not as tough as others but it’s all relative, and relative just to ourselves, our own day to day fight.

I wouldn’t be where I am now without this diagnosis but I wouldn’t be where I am without my many thousands of decisions I have made, and situations I have been in, in my lifetime.  So, to come back to the blessing to curse scale, I could never count this as a blessing but I can say it has definitely added to my story.

Where would you sit on the scale?