We have made it through the first two weeks of school all in one piece.  Isaac has settled in well as have the other two.  His teacher is so positive and proactive, with only needing me to go into school twice to help them out.  It’s good going considering he has moved on from all the junior teachers and aide.  I love the confidence and reception both Isaac and his teacher have to discuss what has happened or is going to happen and act on it accordingly. 

When we started school three years ago we didn’t know any other family or child at the school but within weeks Isaac had bonded with a beautiful and boisterous bunch.  They have stuck together like glue ever since.  Over the past couple of years Isaac has been placed with two of the original six preppie gang.  His little mates have taken on some responsibility in looking after him.  They would stay in at playtime/lunch, if Isaac was hypo, to keep him company – and they were spoilt with being able to have a play on the computer so I’m sure that was a drawcard too!  For a bunch of six year old boys they really did make sure all was okay. 

The past three years Isaac has taken on more and more in regards to his own care but so have his group of friends.  Now, they don’t only stay in with him, they check his numbers and make sure he is entering the right amount of carbs!  Isaac has been lucky to have met these wonderful little people and I am blessed to now have their parents as friends; who are always looking out for him too.  This year he is back with two of the original bunch of six, they have not been in a class together since prep.  I have had reports back that they have an amazing bond, they look after each other and, still, stay with Isaac inside at lunch time – I’m sure many other eight year old boys would just run outside and let him deal with it himself.  They may, or may not, get in a bit of trouble for talking and laughing too loud sometimes but to know that these boys are so caring is something that all parents love to hear, but for me, a parent of a child with a chronic illness, it really does make my heart sing!