The Never Ending Rally Race

Remember the moments when you were growing up and you’d stay up half the night, or the whole night, loving life - hanging with friends, chatting, laughing, listening to music, partying, the list goes on.  Eventually, the time arrives and you settle down, you and your partner have a baby, and now those long nights awake are for you loving the life of a different kind, the life of a little person who is completely dependent on you, your actions, and your endless time and love.

Slowly, these endless nights dissipate, but Type 1 Diabetes knocks on your door.  The sleepless nights, the constant anxiety, the mental and emotional strain comes back.  You have to welcome a new unwanted ‘baby’ into your life.  This new baby still needs you to hop up in the middle of the night but instead of the cries of a hungry baby it’s an alarm that make you move.  You now need to get up and tend to your new baby, unfortunately this baby doesn’t sleep and it doesn’t grow up or look after itself, it's here now, insistent on round the clock care.

Next week we will hit seven years of living with this extra figure in our family and I am burnt out!  Maybe it's the seven year itch but maybe I have had enough, I know Isaac has had enough, we have all had enough; the relentlessness, the physical, emotional and mental toll and I am not the one who physically has Type 1.  I am the carer of it, the one who doesn’t feel the literal ups and downs of it but is the co-driver, helping direct him along this never-ending rally race.