Carb Counting, Bananas and Permanent Marker

So, Isaac has taken to drawing on his food now, not just writing the carb amounts! I am not annoyed or angry, (maybe a little annoyed that I now have permanent marker all over the bench), but he’s so good at sorting out his food for school, measuring his food and calculating carbs, how could I be.  He really does take on a huge amount of responsibility when it comes to his diabetes.  I both love and despise that fact, as all of you know when it comes to Type 1 Diabetes, there’s so much to take on when it comes to self-care, but I wish he didn’t have to do it all.  He does get exhausted from it, but he keeps on soldiering on and knows I am always here to catch him when does fall.

He makes his own breakfast; weighing milk, yogurt, and adding up carbs for his cereal and toast.  He tells me what he’s having and pretty much one hundred percent of the time he gets the carb count right, and like this morning, if I have a different number he tells me why his count is what it is and he’s spot on!

If, at nine years of age, he does all this I don’t believe I have the right to be annoyed at permanent marker all over the bananas!  I am proud that he grabs the marker and takes the responsibility. I will embrace his engagement as I know we have our ups and downs.  I also know we will go through periods of him not wanting to have anything to do with his self-care.  So, if drawing on a banana helps him deal with having to write carb amounts on all food he eats- so be it!