Isaac, Type 1 Diabetes and Migraine

When you have Type 1 Diabetes, or more along my path- when your child has Type 1 Diabetes, it is hard to know if it’s Type 1 causing issues or if it’s something else.   Yesterday after school, on the way to swimming Isaac says he has a headache (when Isaac isn’t feeling well first thing we do is the Type 1 checks- BGs and Ketones). We do the tests and both are in range.  I get him to drink some water and get swimming.  In the car on the way home he’s closing his eyes and all quiet.  My heart skips a beat so I call his name and get him to test, not hypo- phew! I’ve had a headache all day he pipes up. It clicks- Migraine!

I know when I am developing a migraine as I can feel it; I get all the godforsaken symptoms so it’s easy for me.  But, as it is with Type 1 Diabetes or any other illness your child may suffer, us parents aren’t able to feel their symptoms.  As he has only had a handful of them months apart, and thankfully (not that I’m thankful for stupid migraines) suffers only with two migraine symptoms- a headache and then some time later - vomiting, it’s hard to distinguish a migraine.  We arrive home and sure enough an hour later he’s vomiting. 

So, instead of having the day off school when he has a migraine, he suffers throughout the day and then the night with vomiting and therefore needs the following day off to recover.  If only he, or we, could figure it out earlier, we could’ve have given him some relief and sleep before it developed.  The one positive, if we could call it that, is his BGs stay in perfect range, along with no ketones!  He will sleep well tonight.