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"David already owns books outlining diabetes which we use at school, however it uses language and references a little advanced for his classmates (7 years old). This book, written by a fellow diabetes warrior, is simple, straight forward, and my personal favourite detail is the prompting of questions at the end of each page so his class mates can talk and engage with him, I hope helping them understand that he isn't that different."    - Danny, Northern Ireland.

"Thanks for Noah's copy of your book. He loves it and so did his kindy teacher. The book could have been written about him! His face lit up when I read it to him".     - Mel Davies, Australia

"Hi Amanda, I received our book today... absolutely wonderfully written and illustrated, well done!!"   -  Lauren Fowler, Australia

"Hi Amanda. Received your book today. Wow! As a mother of 2 pre-schoolers Ive read a lot of books aimed at this age group, and as a very active member of the diabetes community for most of my 33 years with the bloody thing Ive read a lot of diabetes books - yours is just perfect! I hope it is ready in every classroom where a Type 1 resides. but I am also really looking forward to reading it to my kids to explain Mummy's Medicine etc which they are fascinated by and Ive never found a good way to explain - until now! Thank you!" -  Kate Gilbert, Australia

"Thank you for my copy of your book...it did not fail to impress, you've made a lovely job of it." - Jill McColl, Scotland

"5 stars to Amanda Lenehan for the booking Peeking into Type 1 Diabetes. A must have for young and old that have or know someone with diabetes!  It's a fantastic method of explaining to people about the life of a diabetic - educational and factual as well as being easy to read and understand!

Unfortunately due to the type 2 epidemic in today's world, there are many misconceptions about diabetes. This book explains that us type 1s haven't done anything that has caused our auto immune disease... And gives details into the facts and lifestyle we endure everyday. However my favourite page of the book is the last page that I myself have lived by all these years:

"Even though I have Type 1 I can do anything"

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you give to not only Isaac but the entire Type 1 cause!"    -   Carly Thomson, Australia